Man weiß, man ist in/aus San Antonio, wenn …

Unter dieser Überschrift hat unsere Tageszeitung, San Antonio Express-News, heute Leserzuschriften zu diesem Thema veröffentlicht. Hier nun meine Favoriten. Alle Zuschriften sind hier zu finden: San Antonio Express-News/S.A. Life.

You know you’re from/in San Antonio if …

  • you think 95 degrees in the middle of summer is a chilly day
  • your neighborhood often smells like BBQ on Sundays, especially during football season
  • you have a bean and cheese taco and a Dr Pepper for breakfast
  • you understand the dire implications of parking under a tree at sunset when the grackles are getting ready to roost
  • a 90-degree August day is considered a cold front
  • you consider cactus decorative lawn flora
  • there’s been road work on your street since 1998
  • you believe using a turn signal is a sign of weakness
  • you text, tweet and email all your friends every time it rains
  • you are on the streets of Paris and you hope that there is a Taco Cabana around the corner
  • you eat fish with gravy
  • your idea of health food is a few cheese and bean breakfast tacos
  • it is over 100 degrees and you believe Thanksgiving must be next week
  • you know that if someone has their turn signal on, it’s probably a factory defect
  • the true value of a parking spot isn’t determined by the distance to the door, but by the amount of available shade
  • you know that the Chili Bowl is a football game
  • you have seen Hummers parked in „compact car“ parking spaces
  • you have see bus patrons waiting in the shade of a telephone pole
  • you’re frequently dodging potholes on residential streets
  • your wedding is catered by Bill Miller
  • it’s raining hard and all the local stations interrupt scheduled programs to cover the weather
  • after returning from a vacation, you stop at Taco Cabana on the way home from the airport
  • you don’t consider wearing cowboy boots with a tiara to be a wardrobe faux pas
  • you spent Christmas Day in 96-degree weather
  • you closely follow the aquifer or mountain cedar pollen levels, depending on the season
  • you know what day of the week it is by the specials at your favorite Mexican food restaurant.
  • tacos are for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner
  • eating healthy means choosing the wheat bun at Whataburger
  • one inch of snow is a „once in a lifetime“ experience
  • you don’t need a tanning booth to tan
  • every other car is a pick-up truck

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